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$5K in 5-Days Insta-Story Challenge #3

Say hello to our 5-Day Insta-Story Challenge that has the potential to bring in $5K in 5 days... (well actually it has the potential for more than that... but this sounds catchier! 😉)



Once you've registered you will receive your welcome email that has all the juicy details you need but most importantly... it has your invitation to join our Private Challenge Community on Facebook.


At the start of every challenge day, you will receive an email with your story prompt. We break it down, step-by-step with examples and tips!



The beauty of this challenge is you can do it next month... next year! You can do it again and again!

The LIVE Challenge will begin on the 12th of June. This is when the first prompt will be sent directly to your email.

For those that complete the challenge during the 12th - 16th. you'll also be able to win some of our INSANE prizes!