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30-Day Program: Become The Face of Your Brand

You’re here because you want to grow your business. You dream of being inundated by sales. Of having your services completely booked out. 

What if we told you the answer is right in front of you. 

Or, well, in the next sentence. 


People buy from people. 


What makes us human is that we constantly look to others to validate what we’re experiencing. In 2021, more than ever, we crave a sense of belonging. We crave to be understood. To connect deeply. To identify faces we can trust.

Our search for a safe space to share our values is one driven by fear.

“Am I really the only one?”

Just imagine the deep, emotional responses we incite when we announce that no: 

“It’s not just you. It’s me too.”


The first step to connecting with your customer comes from understanding the struggles they face. The next step? It’s assuring that you face them too. Better yet, showcasing that you understand exactly what it’s like to be in their position. 


To be juggling life with business with kids, and with everything in between. That’s right, your story matters. Nothing is too much, too little, too boring, too weird, too out of place. If it’s part of who you are, then it’s relevant to your business.

And we can guarantee your customers will find value in it. 

We know what you’re thinking.

“What if I’m judged?”

“People don’t want to listen to me. They came here for what I sell, not for who I am.”

“I don’t have the confidence to speak on camera. It’s just not me.”  

Our founder, Alisha Marfatia, used to say the same thing.


. . .


“If you scroll back, you’ll see a time where I shared nothing more than social media tips and tricks; my client successes and my services. I thought that in order to be regarded professionally, I had to pretend it wasn’t me behind the scenes: Alisha, a multi-faceted human who loves dogs as much as I love social media. Who loves to dance and who also makes mistakes sometimes. 

I was conscious of the friends and family that followed me. What would they say?

I was conscious of my own ego. Who really wants to know about my day, my life, my difficulties?

Fellow experts in the industry kept telling me I needed to show more of my face. And yet, I kept assuming it didn’t apply to me. 

Oh but that wouldn’t work for my style of business, I thought. People won’t take me seriously, I thought.” 


. . . 


Here’s what happened when Alisha decided to take the leap.


She grew confidence. She grew her client base. She grew The Social Impact to where it is today; the trusted digital agency that’s completely booked out for yet another month.

How did she know this was a result of becoming the face of her brand?

She started to receive comments like this.

“I feel like I already know you from Instagram!”

Clients were already feeling comfortable and familiar with Alisha. At this point, they hadn’t shared a single word.

“I saw your post and related it to it so much! I knew you were the right fit.” 

But wait, there’s more.


“I loved your passion and enthusiasm. I had no doubt you were the perfect person.”

“What you said made so much sense to me. I knew we’d work well together.” 

Alisha was not the first to uncover the power of humanising her brand. She won’t be the last to develop a real sense of attachment between herself and her clients. 

There is still room for you to do the same. 

It’s why Alisha created this program. 


After assisting numerous clients in the growth of their digital presence, we began to notice a common theme: self doubt seemed to be the key barrier to social growth and success. At the time, no one was offering a solution. 

Until now. 

We’ve created a 30 day program that takes you step-by-step towards becoming the face of your own brand. 

What’s involved? A series of daily tasks or exercises. These will not require massive amounts of time. 

But they will have a massive impact on your business growth and longevity.

How do we know this process works? It’s tried and tested. Not just on other clients, on our very own business model. 

“It’s taken me over 18 months to get this right. But I’ve narrowed down the most important milestones to guarantee it takes you just 30 days.” 

If you know that the key to your brand growth starts with your own confidence, seize your chance to build both with The Social Impact.