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Custom Made Animated GIFs - 20 Items

Ready to become a leader in your industry? Don’t skip the first step: develop brand recognition, awareness and continuity. 

We’ve got a solution that caters to all three. 

Introducing Custom-made GIFs. 

Guess what: when you make a generic search for GIFs on Instagram, there’s every chance you’re using a COMPETITOR’S content. Not a great look, nor a good strategy for boosting your own brand awareness!

That’s why we encourage our clients to utilise a pack custom GIFS, allowing your business to produce engaging, personalised and memorable story content. 

Remember that your stories are an extension of your overall branding. You’d never use a colour outside your own scheme, so don’t use a GIF that doesn’t immediately elicit association with your business. 

Here’s a few more reasons that a custom set of GIFs will do wonders for your brand!

  • Custom GIFs can be accessed by anyone;  yourself, your current and potential customers included. Hello brand recognition and re-shares!
  • GIFs inject life into static stories, and yet, they’re significantly cheaper than video content.
  • Each GIF has a unique emotional quality or message, increasing the likelihood of audience use.
  • There’s no limit to the platforms on which your branding can appear (think: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok + more!). 

Our Custom-made GIFs include: 

  • Illustrated designs by expert illustrator, Sara Stenman.
  • Optional logo, branding and specific product GIFs (including animation).
  • Complete public access/discoverability across all social platforms.
  • Raw GIF files to re-purpose across your choice of digital platforms including EDMs, website and other social content. 


Still unsure if Custom-Made GIFs are the right step for you? Any queries or questions are welcome at [email protected]